Texas Avalanche

"Where There's Always a cool spot in texas"

The Story of Freezy The Fox


The Beginning

Freezy The Fox is a male Artic Fox that was born in one of the most remote regions of the Northern Hemisphere located somewhere in the Tundra Biome where temperatures can get down to -58 degrees F. Freezy loved the cold weather but got bored of the same environment and wanted to experience something different.  Because of the cold weather, there was never anyone outside to play with. His cousin Frizzy, a common red fox, had always told him how much fun it was to play with his friends under the hot sun and sunbathe near the ponds.


The Journey


One day Freezy made up his mind that it was time for him to experience the other side of the world. He took off on a journey to explore the world in search of the same fun, excitement and hot weather he’d heard about from his cousin. Freezy explored the earth for two whole years until he finally found the perfect place he’d been in search of. TEXAS! 


The Discovery


Texas was HOT! But, Freezy realized that he actually loved the hot weather way more than the cold, but had the toughest time with adapting. Freezy’s body was accustomed to living in snow, so although he loved the hot weather, Freezy would often feel sick because he needed to be cold in order to live. His cousin Frizzy came over to play one day and noticed that Freezy was feeling down. Freezy wanted to go out to play but his body just couldn’t get used to the heat. It was that moment when his cousin Frizzy had a brilliant idea! Frizzy darted out of the house to quickly return with a huge mound of flavorful shaved ice he’d gotten from a shaved ice stand called the “Texas Avalanche”. “Here, eat this”, Frizzy says to Freezy. “It may make you feel better”. Freezy takes one spoonful of the shaved ice and immediately begins to feel better. “Wow, this is awesome and I’m feeling better already!”, says Freezy. “What is this”, he asks. “This is my most favorite thing in the whole world. It makes me happy and keeps me cool when it’s hot. It has fun colors and all sorts of flavors to choose from. As Freezy continues to eat the shaved ice, he notices that he feels better with every ounce eaten. Not only did he feel better, there was one strange thing that happened. Freezy’s fur began to turn blue! All but his tail. “I feel great!”, Freezy yells. “Let’s go out and play”. After eating the shaved ice from the “Texas Avalanche”, Freezy is able to go out and play with his cousin Frizzy while it’s hot. His body is able to stay cool after eating the mound of snow with a special flavor that no one has ever figured out. The snow from the Texas Avalanche was so cold, Freezy is able to enjoy the best of both worlds as the shaved ice reminds him of home in the Tundra. Since then, every day Freezy, the blue Artic Fox, takes a trip to the “Texas Avalanche” for a mound of shaved ice with the special syrup so he can live, play and sunbathe by the ponds with all of his friends and cousin Frizzy in the midst of the Texas Heat.